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6″ Vegetable Cleaver with Black & Orange Maple Burl


Taking inspiration from mother nature this rustic Vegetable cleaver is handcrafted to suit your kitchen needs.


• 6 Inch Vegetable Cleaver with 4 inch handle made from stabilised maple burl and resin


• Made 2,2mm high carbon 26C3 steel for a professional, sharp cutting edge


• It features a slightly curved blade which makes rocking the knife while cutting easier.


• Vegetable knife for cutting, slicing, mincing and dicing.


• Please note with all high-quality kitchen knives, these are not suitable for dishwasher use

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Every knife we make is lovingly crafted from 26c3 carbon steel and hardened to 64 HRC. It’s a tough, fine-grain steel that’s great for kitchen knives because it’s easy to sharpen and has a fine edge. The steel has a patina that grows over time and documents the journey of your knife.

We like to add personality to our knife handles by using a variety of burl and burl woods. We colour them with heat cured coloured stabilising resin which gives them ideal protection in the cooking environment.

• By committing to purchase this knife you are confirming that you are over 18 years of age.